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Before entering the world of illustration, Arn0 has been lucky enough to revisit his youth working for the “heroes” of his childhood whilst travelling a bit.

After receiving his diploma from ENSAD (Paris) and his master of Arts at CalArts (LA), Arn0 has worked on X-Men and The Hulk for Marvel Comics (NY), then Star Wars at LucasArts (SF), finally ending up with The Muppets, Sesame Street and special effects at the Jim Henson Creature Shop (London)

Now Arn0 thinks it’s time to revisit his teens: music, fashion and the elusive search for the perfect sun tan.

Arn0’s past, and current clients are, amongst others, Nokia, Coca-Cola, O2, MTV, Sony, Hed Kandi, Penguin books, PSP3, Berlin Philarmonic, Royal Court Theatre, Vibe, FHM, Maxim, Mojo, Mens Health, Red Bulletin and The Sunday Times.


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