{"payload":{"data":[{"id":"578","created":"2023-08-07 09:26:56","modified":"2023-08-07 11:01:17","title":"The Natural \/ Kiribaku Art","extract":"Kiribaku Art presents a curated collection of twelve remarkable artists. Following a successful private event that saw Kiribaku Art partnered with the prestigious FIN and Forbes Award Night and the iconic Mandela Legacy Celebration - the art organisation is delighted to present again the highly anticipated exhibition "The Natural,". It showcases the captivating and ingenious works of renowned contemporary artists - Alex Idoko, Aluu Prosper, Ebuka Agudiegwu, Imhonigie Imoesi, Ley Mboramwe, Loyiso Mkize, Mpho Feni, Oliver Enwonwu, Osaru Obaseki, Wahab Aromire, Wallace Ejoh, and Yasser Claud-Ennin. This curated selection of artworks promises to provide visitors with a transcendent visual experience that surpasses borders. From intricate sculptures to vibrant paintings, this concise exhibition showcases a diverse selection of art forms emphasising brevity and impact. This engaging display juxtaposes the striking realism of artists' portrayals of people with the seamless integration of natural mediums like sand, wood, and fire. A journey into the depths of creativity is encouraged by "The Natural" as viewers explore the interplay between colour, texture, and form. These talented artists' meticulous attention to detail results in mesmerising portrayals that transcend the confines of the canvas. The exhibition also draws intriguing parallels between art and the natural world, showcasing the interplay between nature, creativity, and industrial advancements. Each piece incorporates natural textures, colours, and forms, balancing artistic vision and nature's inherent qualities. Presented in an intimate setting, the carefully curated artworks communicate their message with remarkable clarity through their concise selection. Visitors can expect to be transported into an aesthetic realm that evokes deep emotions, stimulates curiosity, and challenges preconceived notions. This immersive experience promises to inspire and engage art enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Experience the transformative power of art at 'The Natural' event from 14th to 18th August 2023, hosted at The Coningsby Gallery, London.","exhibition_start":"2023-08-14 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-08-18 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4109","created":"2023-08-07 09:27:21","modified":"2023-08-07 09:29:53","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"578","image_id":"7095","disp_order":"0","title":"Ley Artwork1024_1.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/the-natural-kiribaku-art-august-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"570","created":"2023-04-27 10:12:24","modified":"2023-05-04 15:52:35","title":"Nicholas Ferguson \/ Perspective","extract":"<p><b>A point of view Or a representation We all have them\u2026 As many as there are eyes in a room And we can prove them For they shape our reality Which in turn reinforces our perspective It is said that truth is just functional information. We as humans add the meaning And as powerful creators What are we creating? And do we take responsibility for our illusions?<\/b><\/p><br> This exhibition explores the topic of Perspective, recognising as stated in the poem, that there are as many perspectives in any given situation as there are eyes in a room. Each piece explores a different subject matter and within these contexts, the relationship between ego and creative genius feature prominently, the former represented by the goat, and the latter represented by the featherless rooster. Our ego references our past and serves to keep us safe, yet it can also prevent our growth and full potential (our genius), which knows no bounds. These characters are portrayed within fantastical storylines which come to me intuitively after seeing an image, an experience or coming to a realization about our behaviour. Take the example of Immersabilis, which looks at the concept of progress and human ingenuity \u2013 where even as sea levels are rising from climate change, we have created a vertical beach allowing us to sunbathe on cliff-sides and wish for sunnier days. I have also included two portraits, including a self-portrait, which feature the rooster and the goat \u2013 reinforcing the theme. <br> <b>Self-Reflection <br> I wake in the morning And what do I see None other than me A 6-foot 4 pale fleshy object Which I have called home for 40 Christmas\u2019 It includes the bits I like Those I\u2019ve grown used to And those that have shown up with time \u201cHello moles!\u201d Looking back I can see what they saw It takes practice to see it in the now Its almost as if my reality is not theirs Unless I choose it. Growing comfortable in this home For as long as I inhabit it Seems to be key.<\/b> *Oil + pastel on canvas 92cm x 122cm 2022* Intuition is a big part of my life and my work \u2013 it\u2019s what gave birth to this piece, speaking to the aspects I like and dislike about myself, recognising that they only form my sense of reality. In 2022 I learnt how to tap into my intuition on call - reading mine and other people's genius and victim states among other things. We all have both states and often it simply requires a shift in attention from victim to genius, followed by action, to move us in the direction of what we want in life. From the first self-portrait, I now offer self-reflective portraits as commissions, combining the outputs of an intuitive reading with a painting of the subject, acting as a quick reminder to the viewer to identify where they\u2019re at and refocus. This process includes a 1-hour zoom session and an oil painting on canvas in a style similar to the examples shown. Please speak to the gallery if this is of interest. <br><br> <b>Nicholas Ferguson<br><br> \u201cWhat if art is the elixir to human suffering?\u201d<\/b> I believe imagination, expressed through the arts, has the power to transform lives and society. My work explores this premise. <b>About my practice<\/b> I am of the opinion that as humans we are capable of incredible super-human feats and that through our imagination we create whatever we put our focus on. My work demonstrates this through playful and occasionally provocative illustrations of life, often poking fun at myself, society and our human idiosyncrasies. The intention is to cause the viewer to consider how they\u2019d rather see the world. Leaning into the views of William Blake, I call for a move away from a focus purely on rationalism, embracing dream-like states to harness our creative potential. In this sense there are thematic comparisons to the works of the surrealist masters, while using a colour composition which has been compared to Peter Doig and Edvard Munch. My practice centres mainly around oil painting and makes use of collage and other mediums to create impact. The artworks are accompanied by poetry. <b>Biography<\/b> I am a British-Swiss artist and poet, born and raised in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2005 I moved to London, feeling the pull of the \u2018big smoke\u2019, and the city has been my home ever since. Largely self-taught, I studied art until I completed secondary school. My childhood was spent reading encyclopaedias, creating and acting out comics and games and experimenting with different media. After completing a degree in hospitality, I pursued a successful career in the beauty industry and eventually set up my own branding consultancy. During these years I continued to explore my creative interests and refining my artistic skills, knowing I wasn\u2019t truly following my calling, and in 2019 I established @TheColourofSplash, an Instagram profile to formally display my art to the public. In 2022 I decided to focus on my artistic pursuits. I have exhibited at a number of galleries and have sold to collectors internationally, also developing commissioned work. My exhibition at the Coningsby gallery in Fitzrovia, London, in August 2023 marks my first solo exhibition. <b>Awards<\/b> 2021: Fruhstuck won \u2018Most Uplifting piece\u2019 at the \u2018Lockdown Collective\u2019 at the Department Store in July 2021. <b>Exhibitions<\/b> 2022: The Holy Art Gallery, \u2018Apotheosis\u2019, Dalston, London 2022: M.A.D.S, \u2018Guardians of Dreams\u2019, Milan, Italy 2022: Zari Gallery, Fitzrovia, London. 2021: Downstairs at the Department Store, Brixton, London. 2004: Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland. ","exhibition_start":"2023-07-31 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-08-12 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4025","created":"2023-04-27 10:13:30","modified":"2023-04-27 10:14:18","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"570","image_id":"6999","disp_order":"0","title":"NFerguson_Immersabilis_2022.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/nicholas-ferguson-perspective-july-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"569","created":"2023-04-26 16:53:29","modified":"2023-07-17 13:11:40","title":"Jo Berry \/ Art-Science Interplay","extract":"I have been working as an artist for over thirty years. I am fascinated by light, colour, lasers, technology and science. My initial curiosity in how artists can work with scientists was piqued in 1998 when I became aware of the SciArt scheme. The ethos of the SciArt scheme encouraged me, as an artist, to seek out Life Scientists to collaborate with because the methods we employ to create images are connected. We both use laser technology (I make laser-cut lightboxes), which requires knowledge of light, optics, and computer visualisation methods and I am fascinated by how I can use scientific image data innovatively. As a result, since 2010, a central part of my practice has involved contributing to scientific research projects as one of the research team. I identified a gap in knowledge while working with scientists in labs. There was a lack of understanding between the two disciplines of approaches to imaging and its potential. I wanted to discover if and how an artist-researcher can contribute to new methods of interdisciplinary approaches in advanced imaging and microscopy through collaborative practice. Over the last ten years I have collaborated with Advanced imaging and Microscopy specialists, working with a network of internationally renowned core imaging laboratories in the field of Life Science. My aim is to dismantle silo mentalities so that artist-researchers can collaborate with scientists to create new representations, insights and behavioural change. I implemented a four-stage framework and protocol underpinned by the inclusion of play. Each element helped me negotiate and interpret art and science collaboration in new ways by extending art and scientific methods of visualisation. This led to non-standard representations, technological advancements, and better intellectual and visualisation skills, hence enhancing practice-based research through collaboration. Each element helped me negotiate and interpret art and science collaboration in new ways by extending art and scientific methods of visualisation. I advanced three methods of production: an introspective, digital drawing method using limited tools; data montages where data and documentary footage are explored; and experimental moving image work, integrating documentary film footage and sound. The work I will show at Coningsby Gallery showcases artwork made from three recent collaborations at: \u2022 COMPARE, The Cell Signalling and Pharmacology Group and a minor study at the Molecular and the Cellular Biology Group, School of Life Sciences, Queens Medical School, University of Nottingham. \u2022 Core Research Laboratories Imaging and Analysis Centre, Natural History Museum (NHM), London, \u2022 The Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) Sahlgrenska Academy Gothenburg University, Chalmers University and the Biofilms, Research Centre for Bio-interfaces, Malmo University. High-quality outputs from working with scientists\u2019 include Ars Electronica -Virtual Garden (2020). SCANDEM the Nordic imaging society (2019), Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden. Biofilms, Research Centre for Bio interfaces at the annual research centre conference (2018), theme \u2018Biomarkers\u2019. Malmo University, Sweden. The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) Compare Conference (2018) and formal launch of COMPARE, Medical School, Queen\u2019s Medical Centre, Nottingham. Decriminalising Ornament: The Pleasures of Pattern Ruskin Gallery (2018) Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) Compare, Conference (2017), Nottingham University Conference Centre. Light it Up: Brains, Psychosis, Neuroimaging & Us a collaboration with the Neuro Transational Imaging Department, Nottingham University to create Brain Container, Blackpool Illuminations (2017, 2016, 2015). Hijacking Natural Systems funded by Wellcome Trust, ACE, Derby City Council and Derby Museum & Arts Gallery (2012). This was a highly successful project nominated by Nottingham University for The Times Higher Education Award and cited by the Wellcome Trust as an exemplar of a successful Arts and Engagement project. Artwork from this project was featured in the BBC4 TV series The Beauty of Anatomy (2014, 2017) presented by Dr Adam Rutherford. Residencies include Florence Trust, London, Natural History Museum, London. I exhibit regularly and widely throughout the Country and Internationally with pieces in the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), Arts Council England (ACE) East Midland Collections, Nottingham University Medical School and Zeiss, Munich, Germany. Residencies include the Florence Trust Studios, London, the Natural History Museum, London, the Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham University. Public commissions include Blackpool Illuminations, Redesign of five 1938 Fluted Pylons for 100th Anniversary of the Illuminations (2012), Millfield Sculpture Commission (2011), Derbyshire Moorlands (2010), Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust (2008), New Shetland Museum & Archives (2007). I have acquired highly transferable skills gaining a national reputation as a leader in Illustration research by celebrating its fundamental principles and practices aided by an extensive network of contacts, activity and experience. Undertaking teaching and scholarship projects of national and international significance linked to professional bodies and successful funding bids adding to my professional development. I currently work as a Lecturer in Illustration and Graphic Design at Loughborough University. Website: http:\/\/www.joberry.co.uk Instagram: https:\/\/www.instagram.com\/j.berry07\/ Vimeo: https:\/\/vimeo.com\/joberry Linkedin: https:\/\/www.linkedin.com\/in\/jo-berry-0a824a23\/ ","exhibition_start":"2023-07-17 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-07-29 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4011","created":"2023-04-26 16:53:53","modified":"2023-04-26 16:56:46","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"569","image_id":"6985","disp_order":"0","title":"6window1v_flattened_950x1250.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/new-works-by-jo-berry-july-2023","tags":{"pixel-art":{"id":"78","created":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","modified":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"pixel-art","tag_label":"Pixel Art ","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"574","created":"2023-05-23 09:32:00","modified":"2023-05-23 09:36:38","title":"Fankle 01 ","extract":"Fankle is a newly formed multidisciplinary art collective, made up of emerging artists from across the UK, who work independently and come together to exhibit. A complex web of ideas and a shared love of creating unites their varied practices. As they weave stories from memory, experience and mythology, tangling and untangling, we\u2019re reminded of the idea that a world of life is woven from knots. The name \u2018Fankle\u2019 is Scottish in origin and means entanglement, like threads where the beginnings and ends are uncertain. Fankle 01 is the first exhibition in Central London to bring together these artists as a group and it marks an exciting step for the new collective. Artists will be showing recently produced contemporary work, across painting, sculpture, printmaking, video and installation. Fankle 01 reflects the start of a new journey, with themes of identity, fragility and transition. All members of the group are connected by their links to Middlesex University, as former or current students on the MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking programmes. Their threads stretch far beyond London - to Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Munich, Baghdad, Tehran and Mexico City. Their first exhibition provides an opportunity for reflection on community, hope and times of change. Fankle 01 opens on Monday 10 July and runs until Saturday 15 July. This show includes work by Fankle art collective members: \u2022 Maryam Abdollahi \u2022 Natalie Dee \u2022 Phil Dunn \u2022 Angela Forrester \u2022 Freddy McBride \u2022 Carolyn Murphy \u2022 Moritz Nicolai \u2022 Iliana Ortega-Alc\u00e1zar \u2022 Jan Pimblett \u2022 Hanan Tawfiq \u2022 Kathy Rooney \u2022 Luke Anthony Rooney (guest artist) Katherine Jones RA commented \u201cI\u2019m delighted that this group of dedicated artists have decided to continue their association with one another beyond their studies by forming Fankle. I have been impressed by their respectful coordination of group exhibitions both onsite and independently while at Middlesex University. Their unique balance of disciplines, materials and outlooks will continue to serve them well. I very much look forward to experiencing Fankle 01 at the Coningsby Gallery.\u201d ","exhibition_start":"2023-07-10 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-07-15 15:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4072","created":"2023-05-23 09:33:10","modified":"2023-06-22 10:56:15","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"574","image_id":"7052","disp_order":"0","title":"Zeus Scores Once Again by Moritz Nicolai.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/fankle-01-july-2023","tags":{"painterly":{"id":"42","created":"2011-11-30 11:12:47","modified":"2011-11-30 11:12:47","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"painterly","tag_label":"Painterly","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"fine-art":{"id":"26","created":"2011-11-30 11:07:52","modified":"2011-11-30 11:07:52","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"fine-art","tag_label":"Fine Art","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"contemporary":{"id":"25","created":"2011-11-30 11:07:45","modified":"2011-11-30 11:07:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"contemporary","tag_label":"Contemporary","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"575","created":"2023-06-07 10:33:47","modified":"2023-06-07 18:07:42","title":"Barbaric Growth \/ OUGANNSYOU POPUP LONDON","extract":"OUGANNSYOU POPUP LONDON's brand concept is to build a platform for original designers and artists to exhibit and promote, to support the growth of outstanding designer brands and artists, to advocate the protection of originality in the fashion and art industry, to deliver capable and talents to the society, and to achieve a cycle of positive energy with mutual help and love. OUGANNSYOU POPUP LONDON is a pioneer of mobile art, pursuing variability and creativity to create a brand culture of uniqueness and independence in parallel. Always young and always enthusiasm is the brand's commitment to the growth of each start-up brand. Here we start and together we make our dreams come true. The theme of the event is 'Barbaric Growth' and will involve over ten designer brands and artists. The event uses flowers and greenery as the thematic elements to create an artistic space through the fusion of growth and vitality in a still life setting. Under the theme of "Bararic Growth", brands and artists will showcase the concept of freedom through their works, calling on each individual to face their own self and grow. The campaign also hopes that the brand and the artists will be able to survive in the changing fashion and art environment and the depressed social conditions, and that they will be able to face the sunlight and the dangers, chase their dreams, struggle all the way and grow wildly. If there is only one tree left in the world, wish you become a forest on your own. ","exhibition_start":"2023-06-19 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-06-30 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4079","created":"2023-06-07 10:34:32","modified":"2023-06-07 10:34:48","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"575","image_id":"7060","disp_order":"0","title":"rabbit 1.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/barbaric-growth-ougannsyou-popup-london-june-2023","tags":{"pixel-art":{"id":"78","created":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","modified":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"pixel-art","tag_label":"Pixel Art ","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"gaming":{"id":"77","created":"2014-11-17 13:09:20","modified":"2014-11-17 13:09:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"gaming","tag_label":"Gaming","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"572","created":"2023-05-12 13:55:10","modified":"2023-06-26 06:49:38","title":"GuruShots Photography Exhibition","extract":"The international photography platform, GuruShots, will be making their next appearance on the photography scene in London with their Black & White Photographer of the Year & My Perfect Shot exhibitions at Coningsby Gallery in June 2023. GuruShots is extremely excited to showcase some incredible photography to both local and international audiences and would like to invite you to join them there in person. GuruShots is a digital platform that allows photographers from around the world to submit their work for a variety of thematic photo challenges that open every day. Winning pieces are selected to be shown in GuruShots Exhibitions which are held in major cities across the globe each and every weekend, from New York, Mexico City and Stockholm, to Johannesburg, Hanoi and Bangkok. Their June 2023 exhibition will feature a special series of photographic works from around the globe, produced as a result of a recent GuruShots photo challenge. Visitors will be able to view this remarkable collection of around 80 unique printed works submitted by photographers spanning over 30 different countries. GuruShots\u2019 mission is not only to help their best photographers expand their careers and gain exposure to larger audiences, but also to motivate, challenge, and inspire photographers of all levels. GuruShots is an innovative platform that is bringing the world's art and technology spheres together in a truly unique way. Please join the opening reception on Friday 2nd June 7pm-9pm, where guests are invited to join for drinks, celebrations and networking with other like minded photographers of all abilities.","exhibition_start":"2023-06-01 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-06-03 17:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4038","created":"2023-05-12 13:56:41","modified":"2023-05-15 08:28:14","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"572","image_id":"7014","disp_order":"0","title":"M_W50_A Quick Peek - Harry Eggens - Netherlands .jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/gurushots-photography-exhibition-may-2023","tags":{"pixel-art":{"id":"78","created":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","modified":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"pixel-art","tag_label":"Pixel Art ","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"gaming":{"id":"77","created":"2014-11-17 13:09:20","modified":"2014-11-17 13:09:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"gaming","tag_label":"Gaming","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"568","created":"2023-04-21 15:51:26","modified":"2023-04-21 16:00:24","title":"gowithYamo Presents: Kay Gasei's Black Box Series","extract":"gowithYamo Presents: Kay Gasei\u2019s Black Box Series is the latest exhibition organised by gowithYamo in partnership with artist Kay Gasei, showing at Coningsby Gallery from 25th-29th May. Kay Gasei is a London-raised artist who explores themes of world mythologies, histories of people and cultures, psychoanalysis, social politics, the timelessness of cultural capital and philosophy. The artist\u2019s eclectic style utilises a montage of drawn and painted details, characters and spaces to create a narrative whilst keeping an air of ambiguity. The works featured are the musings of the black box that is Kay Gasei\u2019s mind. gowithYamo Presents: Kay Gasei\u2019s Black Box Series has granted the artist, who is constantly scribbling and doodling ideas, with the space and a chance to showcase the concept of a thought process over what is typically considered a \u2018finished\u2019 piece. Details are taken from Kay Gasei\u2019s sketchbook pages and organic doodles added in situ to further express the spontaneity of the thought process, and the exhibition offers a unique insight into artistic process and development. The exhibition will centre around 7 large canvases from Kay Gasei\u2019s Black Box series, with 50 sketches displayed alongside to illustrate the artist\u2019s creative process. All canvases and sketches will be on sale, and 10 \u2018prototype\u2019 drawings will be available via The Auction Collective, with bidding starting at \u00a350 and 15% of the proceeds going to the charity Patients for Affordable Drugs. ","exhibition_start":"2023-05-26 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-05-29 17:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4010","created":"2023-04-21 15:55:29","modified":"2023-04-21 15:56:16","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"568","image_id":"6983","disp_order":"0","title":"Instagram Sized .jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/gowithyamo-presents-kay-gasei39s-black-box-series-may-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"567","created":"2023-04-17 08:14:56","modified":"2023-04-17 08:17:04","title":"The Chess and Literature Series \/ Aigul Yusupoff","extract":"Aigul paints using oil on canvas, predominantly employing a palette of red, black, and white hues. Her artistic style is characterized by deeply existential themes, which she often explores through experimentation with abstraction and cubism. Above all, she has a particular affinity for the color red, which she views as powerful and highly expressive. The artist draws inspiration from her passion for chess and Russian literature, both of which are frequently reflected in her paintings. These motifs serve as a recurring theme throughout her body of work, lending an additional layer of depth and complexity to her already thought-provoking pieces. A percentage of sales will go towards helping Ukrainian refugees. ","exhibition_start":"2023-05-15 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-05-20 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3993","created":"2023-04-17 08:15:24","modified":"2023-04-17 08:16:58","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"567","image_id":"6965","disp_order":"0","title":"Your cherry gentle lips 60x60.jpeg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/the-chess-and-literature-series-aigul-yusupoff-may-2023","tags":{"pixel-art":{"id":"78","created":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","modified":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"pixel-art","tag_label":"Pixel Art ","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"gaming":{"id":"77","created":"2014-11-17 13:09:20","modified":"2014-11-17 13:09:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"gaming","tag_label":"Gaming","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"571","created":"2023-05-02 09:40:25","modified":"2023-05-02 09:40:51","title":"Magical-Circumstantial International Photo Exhibition","extract":"The Magical-circumstantial is the fortuitous encounter between two independent coincidences, a sort of confluence of circumstances, which produces a short circuit, a burst of meaning or the effect of a revelation. The photographer knows when it\u2019s time to capture that encounter, it could be an action, a glance, an atmosphere or a dream. When the photographer is with the camera feels that is the moment was waiting, and this is the right time to shoot. Every photographer feels the photo before inside the soul and then the imagine is created. Henri Cartier Bresson said, that is the decisive moment. The technique or the camera is not important, what is matters is what feel, between the photographer connection and the instant captured. The photo must be experienced, it must be felt inside the photographer. Photography is the result of the photographer's life and experiences, as reading books, listening to music, etc, that influences reflect inside the photo. \u201cWe must be sensitive, try to guess, be intuitive: rely on the "objective case" of which Breton spoke. And the camera is a wonderful tool for capturing that "objective case\u201d. Henri Cartier Bresson. Every moment is new, the photographers have chosen their moment and in the Magical-circumstantial exhibition they show you their experience, the their deep soul. ArtFullFrame has selected 12 photographers of different nationalities, who have the ability to tell a story in a single shot. In this exhibition they show you their gaze on the world and their way of looking at life. You will find images of street photography, but also of still life, introspective projects and much more. Artfullframe Ltd info@artfullframe.com www.artfullframe.com ","exhibition_start":"2023-05-08 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-05-13 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"4028","created":"2023-05-02 09:40:33","modified":"2023-05-02 09:40:33","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"571","image_id":"7004","disp_order":"0","title":"Immagine-ComunicatoStampa-MC2023[1].jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/magical-circumstantial-international-photo-exhibition-may-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"566","created":"2023-03-28 16:26:44","modified":"2023-03-29 13:52:28","title":"Arik Roper \/ Vision of the Hawk","extract":"Arik Roper\u2019s vibrant psychedelic illustration and painting springs from the depths of a fertile imagination, invoking psychedelic visions, ancient dreams, and idyllic natural environments. Since the 1990s he has pioneered a widely influential visual style within the rock and metal music scene. His creations have appeared on album covers of such bands as Sleep, High on Fire, Earth, Sunn O))), and The Black Crowes, screen-printed posters, in books and magazines, animations, game designs, and beyond. His lavishly illustrated book Mushroom Magick (Abrams 2009) has become a cult classic among nature and psychedelic fungi enthusiasts. His new book Vision of the Hawk collects an epic selection of his art for the first time in a single volume, alongside unpublished material and sketches, and texts by Roper describing his creative process, as well as by some of his many collaborators including authors Erik Davis, Peter Bebergal, and Jay Babcock, as well as musicians Stephen O\u2019Malley (Sunn O)))), Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om), and Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire). Available now from Strange Attractor Press in paperback and a special hardback edition. www,strangeattractor.co.uk","exhibition_start":"2023-05-04 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-05-07 17:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3989","created":"2023-03-28 16:28:23","modified":"2023-03-28 16:29:38","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"566","image_id":"6960","disp_order":"0","title":"Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 3.02.02 PM.png","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/arik-roper-vision-of-the-hawk-may-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"565","created":"2023-03-28 09:20:48","modified":"2023-03-28 09:25:19","title":"Henry Miller Fine Art \/ Focusing on the Male Form","extract":"Henry Miller is back at the Coningsby Gallery from 17 to 22 April with an exhibition featuring selected works from his unique collection celebrating male beauty through the ages. Spanning several centuries and styles, and including paintings, drawings, sculpture and prints from the 17th Century to the present day, the collection focuses exclusively on the male form. Unbound by any particular time period or style, the collection is curated thematically around representations of male beauty, enabling it to display older pieces alongside more contemporary works. ABOUT HENRY MILLER Henry Miller is the founder of Henry Miller Fine Art, a gallery which 'focuses on the male form' and which is situated in a beautifully restored East London period home. Please see his website for further details. www.henrymillerfineart.co.uk opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am - 6.30pm Sat 11am - 6pm","exhibition_start":"2023-04-17 11:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-04-22 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3969","created":"2023-03-28 09:21:06","modified":"2023-03-28 09:24:45","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"565","image_id":"6937","disp_order":"0","title":"hm_1560.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/henry-miller-fine-art-focusing-on-the-male-form-april-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"564","created":"2023-03-02 15:20:36","modified":"2023-03-02 15:44:47","title":"'The Light of Greece' \/ Tomas Watson \/ Jill George Gallery","extract":"Tomas Watson\u2019s exhibition of Paintings and Works on Paper, \u2018The Light of Greece\u2019, starts on 13 March at 30 Tottenham Street. This is Tomas\u2019 first solo show for 4 years. Tomas Watson lives and works in Greece spending the winters in Athens and Summers on Lesbos. He graduated from Slade School of Art in 1994 having also completed a further year\u2019s study for Anatomy for Artists. He has lived and worked in Greece since 1994 having initially received Greek Government Grants in 1994, 1995 and 1996. He won the BP National Portrait Prize in 1998 and was commissioned to paint John Fowles for their contemporary collection in 2001. \u201cWhen asked why he has spent the last 30 years living in Greece building his career there, Tomas Watson answers, \u201cThe Greek Light\u201d. He is interested in the form as it is defined by light and shadow. In his earlier works, mostly interiors with a solitary figure, the shadow dominated with a single light source illuminating the immediate surroundings. Recently the focus of his paintings has moved to the exterior, with a strong light penetrating even the shadows, which are themselves full of saturated colour, adding an extra level of complexity. \u201cIn Greece, the light is all-encompassing. It has a unique intensity which gives a meaning to and defines everything. The land, the sky, the sea, your very existence. This is especially pronounced on the islands.\u201d Watson has spent most of his years in Greece moving from one remote island to another before recently discovering Lesbos, which he now considers to be the island of light. The work in this exhibition has been created in the last three years and to a great extent focuses on scenes from Lesbos. In 2022 Watson had a Painting Exhibition at the Natural Museum of the Lesbos Petrified Forest. For further information or images please contact Jill George 07973 825335. Email. jill@jillgeorgegallery.co.uk ","exhibition_start":"2023-03-13 10:30:00","exhibition_end":"2023-03-25 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3956","created":"2023-03-02 15:21:14","modified":"2023-03-02 15:23:08","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"564","image_id":"6923","disp_order":"0","title":"T Watson, Morning Reflection, oil on canvas, 130 x170 cm, 2022.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/39the-light-of-greece39-tomas-watson-jill-george-gallery-march-2023","tags":[]},{"id":"558","created":"2022-11-03 11:43:34","modified":"2023-02-23 15:32:12","title":"Unity \/ Aisha Cahn","extract":"Aisha Cahn\u2019s work has consistently explored the realms of spirituality, science and philosophy. The focus of Cahn\u2019s practice has often been on our connection to forces that transcend the human experience and our relationship with God and the cosmos. As a result of this, Cahn has become increasingly concerned with the division that has emerged in the world we live in, and her approach to her current artwork has evolved in light of this. She feels this world has become so polarised and that ordinary human beings, are being dictated by the most corrupt heads of states. Each one possessing more power, control, greed and desiring to be the most powerful nation in the world. To achieve this, they all have one commonality. To create, innovate, manufacture, import and export the biggest and the most lethal weapons of mass destruction; be it atomic, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) weapons. All of these with devastating affects. The weapons of mass destruction \/ arms industry happens to be the most lucrative industry in the world. In order for this industry to remain lucrative, there must be a demand for WMDs and there can only be demand in a time of conflict. Heads of states and manufacturers have a vested interest in ensuring this need for warfare is met. ","exhibition_start":"2023-02-27 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-03-11 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3896","created":"2022-11-04 17:39:28","modified":"2022-11-04 17:39:30","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"558","image_id":"6858","disp_order":"0","title":"image007.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/unity-aisha-cahn-february-2023","tags":{"pixel-art":{"id":"78","created":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","modified":"2014-11-17 13:10:28","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"pixel-art","tag_label":"Pixel Art ","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"gaming":{"id":"77","created":"2014-11-17 13:09:20","modified":"2014-11-17 13:09:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"gaming","tag_label":"Gaming","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"562","created":"2023-01-16 11:06:08","modified":"2023-02-02 15:53:48","title":"Tutti Frutti \/ Artelectrico","extract":"Artelectrico was founded in 2021 by three medical doctors that share an enthusiasm for new art. Two of these doctors are exhibited Mexican artists with unique talents. We hope to create an equally enthusiastic audience for the artists on our stable. We are confident that the art represented is exceptional and has significant aesthetic and social value. To date we have had four online exhibitions and one successful live exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery. For Tutti Frutti we asked our artists to produce works without any rules, no basic theme, no limitations on media, size, date of production or subject. This sudden freedom paid back, and we were rewarded with a wonderful collection of works for this live exhibition. ","exhibition_start":"2023-02-13 10:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-02-17 18:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3926","created":"2023-01-16 11:06:57","modified":"2023-01-16 11:20:33","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"562","image_id":"6891","disp_order":"0","title":"Dark_City.jpg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/tutti-frutti-artelectrico-february-2023","tags":{"giclee-print":{"id":"69","created":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","modified":"2013-01-15 12:32:49","cat_slug":"product-type","tag_slug":"giclee-print","tag_label":"Giclee Print","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"digital":{"id":"18","created":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","modified":"2011-11-29 17:57:09","cat_slug":"medium","tag_slug":"digital","tag_label":"Digital","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}},{"id":"563","created":"2023-01-25 09:42:46","modified":"2023-01-25 15:50:21","title":"50 Works on Paper \/ If.You.Will Projects","extract":"Exhibition is Open: Saturday 4th February \u2013 Monday 6th February Opening Hours: 11am \u2013 4pm IF.YOU.WILL.PROJECTS is the studio name of artist and lawyer, Will Everitt. Will completed his Foundation Course In Art and Design at Norwich Art School in 1991 where his practice led him to a specialization in painting. He went on to study a joint honours degree in Fine Art and Business Studies at Humberside University. Later he qualified as a lawyer, following a law conversion at Westminster University. This cross-disciplinary approach to creativity and business is something that has continued to define Will\u2019s creative work and professional career as music and media lawyer. Will\u2019s art practice is broad, including landscape, still life, and graphic design. His enquiries relate to themes such as habit and repeated behavior, routine, rituals and aspects of office culture. Beyond these day-to-day themes Will explores broader related ideas around the nature of life cycles and personal histories. Through a mix of representational drawing, assemblage and printing Will aims to create a diverse visual language through a tapestry of media including old paper, pencil, crayon, tape, ink, letraset, stickers and found material, a form which he sometimes refers to as Retro-Rymans. This exhibition, Will\u2019s first solo London show, examines the intersection between the corporate and creative worlds. It features 50 works on paper in which Will repeatedly refers to a cast of characters including toothbrushes, shirts, cut flowers, cigarettes and coffee cups, items which represent the smaller un-lived moments of the average day. The image making is consciously analogue and draws on a combination of classic design drawing, still life, print making, collage and pop culture. Will lives in London and is partner at media and entertainment law firm Lee & Thompson LLP. ","exhibition_start":"2023-02-04 11:00:00","exhibition_end":"2023-02-06 16:00:00","highlighted":"1","calendar_item_only":"0","published":"1","deleted":"0","_media":{"id":"3952","created":"2023-01-25 09:50:06","modified":"2023-01-25 15:51:13","res_type":"image","res_id":"0","content_id":"563","image_id":"6918","disp_order":"0","title":"image0.jpeg","description":"","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"artists":[],"site_url":"exhibition\/50-works-on-paper-ifyouwill-projects-february-2023","tags":{"hand-made":{"id":"24","created":"2011-11-29 18:02:17","modified":"2012-05-10 11:23:51","cat_slug":"technique","tag_slug":"hand-made","tag_label":"Hand Made","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"fine-art":{"id":"26","created":"2011-11-30 11:07:52","modified":"2011-11-30 11:07:52","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"fine-art","tag_label":"Fine Art","published":"0","deleted":"0"},"contemporary":{"id":"25","created":"2011-11-30 11:07:45","modified":"2011-11-30 11:07:45","cat_slug":"genre","tag_slug":"contemporary","tag_label":"Contemporary","published":"0","deleted":"0"}}}],"pag":{"current_page":1,"page_count":19}},"message":"Success","method":"browseController::pageExhibitionAjax","success":1}