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BA Wimbledon College of Arts: Moment

Moment, is an exhibition presented by the BA Wimbledon College of Arts students. The artworks that have been selected to show artists’ diverse interests, along with their various academic and professional backgrounds, are explored through paintings, sculptures, and jewellery. The artists want to record and take the moment into account as a monument of their first year in UAL and demonstrate their portfolio through the exhibition in Coningsby Gallery.

The exhibition will include a section from Zhang Siqing’s series, Ektene (2016), conceptual artworks related to the world view of her original manga; work by Chen Jixuan including Autume Leaves (2016), which means we always seek hope in the future, and we are always waiting for tomorrow and hope; Wei Yang’s Untitled (2016) using cerma and paper; A big painting by Xu Yang willing to demonstrate his feeling of a lost city and the relationship between him and London named Lost City(2016); Luis de Palau’s Old Head (2015) showing the space that lays in the two dimensional surface of a canvas that is no longer flat; Chu Hingyam’s print book By The Lane (2016) spreading a story that someone traversing to Victorian era; Colour blocks (2015) jewellery collection made by Zhao Zhongyang; Liu Yili who looks at how people document thing by their personality and the difference of that to the machine brings her work Self Decay (2016); Zhang Yizhong and his new balance on Toward_This is not balance (2016); Wu Xing’s artworks Agianst Omelette Singer (2016) and Birthday (2015) seeking some origins of ridiculousness in baldness without denying modern society’s fickleness and seeking a shallow combination of flat and cubic world in between fickleness and peace.

CURATOR Liu Chanchan


26th April 2016 – 6.30pm to 9.00pm



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