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Gabriel Moreno

The 9th of September Gabriel Moreno’s solo exhibition starts at The Coningsby Gallery. The Opening night will be at 10 September 6pm-9pm.

We’ve asked Moreno about his work, his inspiration and the meaning of his exhibition:

You mention that for this exhibition you’re going back to your artistic roots as an engraver: why did you decide to do this and how does this influence your work?

I’ve always been more interested in line, rather than paint. I think the interpretation of reality through line is more expressive, more …removed from reality itself, forcing you to view an alternate reality in a playful way.

Do you use models or do you have a muse? Where do you get your inspiration?

I use models, but for me it is impossible to have “a” muse; my inspiration, my work comes from the stomach, not the mind or the heart. It is my escape valve. The woman’s body is able to reflect desire, sadness, tenderness, happiness, lust … to me there is no other element in life or nature that is so strong. The body and face of a woman is like a world on its own: you can see mountain scenery in the hollow of the clavicle and legs, passion in the straighter lines, or an inertia in the blue of the eyes.

What part of the exhibition do you look forward to most?

If any viewers of this exhibition, on their return home, have fallen in love with one of these women, the drawing of a woman, a woman who does not exist, that only lives in that picture, as if awakening from a dream and we are all day-dreaming of that unidentifiable person … if this happens, my exhibition will have been a success.