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Patrick George Wins UN’s World Wildlife Day poster competition

Patrick George’s poster was one of the three winning images from the UN’s World Wildlife Day poster competition organised by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), with this inspirational and clever depiction of an elephant against the blue background of the UN flag.

There were more than 300 entries from around the world in this year’s event and according to the CITES secretary general John Scanlon, the overall quality of the entries was inspirational.

“The World Wildlife Day poster competition has helped to raise awareness about wildlife conservation, particularly the challenges facing elephants, in a very creative way. People from right across the globe have used their artistic talents to graphically express their support for wildlife, which is a great inspiration to all of us.”

Next month Patrick George will put on his first solo exhibition, ‘Wildlife Matters’. The show comprises of new work created on the theme of animal welfare and a selection of commercial work for clients including Global Blue, GQ, Hilton Hotels, Lloyd’s of London, Microsoft, Sunday Times and Washington Post.

“In the same way that animals and faces start appearing out of cloud formations if you stare at them long enough, I enjoy doodling over a brief until an unexpected solution presents itself. Different elements can combine to give greater impact, or create a narrative”.