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Paul Davis ‘A Beautiful Pile Up’ Exhibition 16th - 21st April 2012

The Coningsby Gallery & Début Art are proud to announce the second solo exhibition of the year by Paul Davis entitled ‘A Beautiful Pile Up’.

Davis will be showing hundreds of drawings in archive boxes. Some will be framed on the wall. Like most of Davis’s personal work, the subject matter is an attempt to understand the complicated reality of day to day living; love, sex, anger, work, money, people, madness and the other usual subjects, and will be sold employing a new fiscal strategy first cited just before the world markets came crashing down; the accurately named ‘the-munificent-double-dip-recessional-knock-down-generosity-price-structure-©’ otherwise know as the cash flow problematic:

Davis says “What’s the point of keeping all these drawings and paintings in dark plan-chests when they could seen by a hopefully discerning public? What’s the notion behind making art other than the gleeful selfish enjoyment in doing it and then not showing them off and finding out, due to reactions, whether they’re any good? Volition is the way forward”

Geoff Grandfield: “He now explores many forms, many projects are not commissioned but fuelled by his sense of enquiry and fascination with ideas. If his approach had to be aligned to a philosophical tradition then it would be the continental school of humanist thought that finds the questions of existence more compelling than a rationalist analysis of the world. Intuition aligned to a disarmingly direct use of materials creates a contemporary form of visual signage, immediacy and essence.”

16th - 21st April 2012 The Coningsby Gallery 30 Tottenham Street London, W1T 4RJ Open weekdays 9am to 6pm.

Private View 17th April 2012, 6pm - 9.30pm.