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Peter Strain: TYPEface

We are thrilled to welcome artist and illustrator Peter Strain back to The Coningsby Gallery this September for his upcoming solo exhibition ‘TYPEface’, which will run from 3 - 15 September 2018.

This will be Peter’s second showing at The Coningsby Gallery, following his successful exhibition ‘ADMIT ONE’, January 2013. In ‘TYPEface’, Peter once again pays homage to significant influence music and film has had on his work, celebrating musicians, filmmakers and the works that they have produced.

In addition to these never-before-exhibited pieces Peter will also be presenting a series of new works; montages of illustrations influenced by self-composed lyrics. These extremely personal pieces will be a first for Peter, and we are excited to be revealing these for the first time at his exhibition.

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For more information about the exhibition, click here.