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Private View | Craig Robinson at The Coningsby Gallery

Début Art and The Coningsby Gallery are proud to present a solo exhibition of works by one of the pioneers of pixel art, Craig Robinson.

Craig Robinson, aka Flip Flop Flyin’, is an artist and illustrator from Lincoln, UK, currently living in Mexico City.

Craig began creating pixel art 1998 when he bought his first iMac. “Frustrated with the limitations of the art packages available at that time, I abandoned the idea of smooth line, over working with the jagged edges and fully controlling the art I wanted to create.” Craig Robinson 2014

Craig started the Minipops in the middle of 1999, which became an overnight sensation. Within the following few months, Craig had worked on illustrations for Mixmag, animated GIFs for Levi’s, the web site of Channel 4 show Dotcomedy, and an offshoot website for the Paris store, Colette.

“Back then, the Internet seemed like a collection of communities. Once you get your work out there, word gets around.” Craig Robinson 2014

Alongside Flip Flop Flyin’, since 2009 Craig has been running Flip Flop Fly Ball, a web site of baseball-themed infographics and artwork. He has written and illustrated four books: Minipops, Fun Fun Fun, Atlas Schmatlas, and Flip Flop Fly Ball.

“This show centres around a collection of pixel art, alongside new techniques, mostly about England and Mexico, football and drinking, and getting rid of the silly things in my head that are potentially blocking that one great idea that will help cure cancer. Or something like that…” Craig Robinson 2014

Craig likes Tic Tacs. A lot.

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