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Walter Newton | 20 GOTO 10

Walter Newton was born in 1981 in Glasgow. He remained there for the next 21 years, attending the Glasgow School of Art before moving to London to attend the Royal College of Art. Five years later, Walter lives and works in the Midlands, illustrating and animating.

Back in the heady days of the mid-1980s, Walter’s father arrived home from work with a cardboard box. Inside was the family’s first computer - an Acorn Electron. It didn’t work.

However, the replacement Acorn booted up and the primitive, blocky graphics it produced instantly kick-started a lifelong fascination with imagery built up from tiny (and not so tiny) squares of different-coloured light. Having subsequently wasted so much of his childhood life inadvertently researching computer-created imagery, Walter decided to pursue a career where those skills could be put to some kind of use.

20 GOTO 10 is an exhibition of Walter’s pixel-based illustrations and animations from 2012 to present. The show comprises of both original creations and commercial work for the likes of GQ, Maxim, Men’s Health, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, The Guardian and Edge Magazine.