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‘We’re All Stuffed’, the Re-homing Exhibition / Jane Webster

PLEASE NOTE Due to train strikes the exhibition will be ending permanently at 6pm on Saturday 10th December, for any extra information regarding the show or purchasing artworks please contact @taxidermyjane on Instagram.

In the guise of Taxidermyjane, Jane Webster welcomes you to her first exhibition of anthropomorphic animals. Jane is an illustrator, educator and researcher who engaged in the craft over lockdown. All animals are ethically sourced from the snake food chain and have been given a new identity through character, costume and observation. Every aspect and detail is handcrafted and created as a unique piece. The ‘We’re all stuffed’ show explores relationships, roles and identity. A crew are putting on the event. Builders, craftspeople, make-up artists, dressers, technicians and caterers support the exhibits.

The characters in the show range from historical figures to sports personalities, entertainers, musicians, artists, makers, fashionistas, philanthropists, beefeaters, and dancers. Jane has created a world of alternative ‘Sylvanian Families.’ Every character has a back story and a history, which intertwine and overlap. The nature of illustration explores narrative and depicting stories. This body of work is an extension of Jane’s practice.

As a child visitor to Walter Potter’s Museum of Curiosity, this work was inspired by his ‘Rabbit School’, ‘Lower Five’ and ‘Upper Ten’ dioramas of animals engaging in dominoes and card games, police raids and struggling in the classroom. Observing and creating a Twenty-First-century collection for the show has been an exciting opportunity to translate drawing into making and curating. Looking at how we spend our time and the interests we consume our lives with. Jane is excited to share her animals with the public, and they create a sense of joy and intrigue that she felt from Walter Potter’s creations.



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