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Carnada Viva 3 / Alan Berry Rhys

Another episode of Carnada Viva ( Live Bait ). And hypnosis is multiplied. And I say so because Alan leads us with his new pieces to desire something that we didn’t even know we wanted. Similar to how we feel when we get to find something unexpected in our grandparents’ drawers, or in a flea market or inside a forgotten pocket. Something we wish we could own and collect. A kitsch act of seduction in an ever-expanding universe. But after going through the desire to belong to that universe, we discover the narrative that Alan is telling us both as a fiction and as a documentary. And then he generously invites us to be protagonists. Because stages, bubbling advertising, and devices which beg to be used make us take the bait to own them as soon as possible. Alan has captured us and has thrown us back in the water time and time again. We are both hunters and hunted, fishermen and fished. And sooner rather than later, we will find ourselves in front of the mirror, dressed in garish and sporty outfits like a Hunter Thompson from the Parana River ready to fish. -

Federico Lamas @federicolamas

Carnada Viva in Spanish means Live Bait. Since I was boy, I´ve been fascinated with all types of fishing. Specially with a huge river that goes al trough the east of Argentina, from north to south. This river is called Paraná. I´m completely amazed about that river. Whenever I go fishing with my friends, I get crazy with the bait shops, and their billboards. There are mythical creatures, which combine the native culture with the introduced European Christian culture. In addition some of the more important Argentine history took place on this area. Paraná is a huge river that flows trough a dense subtropical forest, hosting colonial towns full of history. Carnada Viva is a graphic essay in which I try to show all this things that fascinates me from the Paraná river culture.


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