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Caroline Romer / Recent Paintings

“Caroline and I attended the same primary school and soon became best friends as we were bound by our love of horses and riding. Schoolwork came easily to Caroline, she had beautiful handwriting and needless to say she could draw anything. Ponies appeared endlessly and I was in awe of the ease which she drew them. It was what today is known as ‘raw talent’, which of course she came by honestly. In spite of the teenage tussles between mother and daughter, Caroline’s passion for drawing and painting became her chosen path and she went on to art school. Her decision to become a painter became the basis of an enduring bond between Philippa and Caroline. In talking about her vision for her work Caroline often references the weather which has at times both driven her away from the UK to the blue skies of the Pyrenees, the brilliant colours of Africa, Asia and New Mexico and more recently drawn her back to an exploration of the coast line of Devon, England. In the new work of the artist looks at this coastline which she has practically cropped to abstraction with the sea often occupying fully half the composition. The rocky coastline appears alternatively angry, aggressive, unyeilding, locked in battle with a feisty sea or calm and tranquil as the tide recedes as if the storm never happened. Every exhibition of new work presents the visitor with discovering and surprises with emerge from a life-long relationship with the landscape that the artist inhabits as well as her own internal sense of harmony and peace with the world and her fellow men over the period of time in which she has absorbed her new surroundings.”

Lucy Mitchell-Innes, New York, July 2018

1982 - 84 : Brotherton Gallery, London 1989 - 91/93 : Thackeray Gallery, London 1986 - 87/90/91 : Metiers d’Art Saint Roch, Cremt, France 1998 - 99 : Kreisler and Toronto Galleries, Barcelona 2001 - 03/05 : Lennox Gallery, London 2005 - 06/07 : Eco Museum, Exterri d’anew, Catalonia 2007 : The Light Gallery, London 2009 - 11/12/14/16 : The Coningsby Gallery, London 2017 : St Albans International Organ Festival Art Exhibition 2017 : Royal Academy Summer Exhibition



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