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Chosun Paintings: Beyond Borders, Beauty.

The Coningsby Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition highlighting the undiscovered talent and culture of Chosun (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea) showcasing a rarely seen collection of paintings accumulated by the Song Family, who are avid promoters of peace in the Korean Peninsula.

The exhibition, organized and curated by Teresa Song and her father Paul Song, seeks to foster a new engagement with the culture of the DPRK, bringing to light the wealth of talent and diversity in the country’s art scene through a non-political lens. The show comprises of over 40 paintings from 11 of the most highly reputed artists in the DPRK, all of whom have earned accolades both in their native country and on an international platform.

Vivid and truthful representations of the natural world are not just a primary focus for these artists, but also an essential component of their shared vision. Situated at the heart of their practice is a dedication to realistic interpretation and a devotion to technique, and the way in which these elements combine to reveal higher forms of artistic expression.

The majority of the paintings on display are created using the traditional method of painting with ink onto hanji, a delicate, handmade material derived from the inner bark of paper mulberry. The fragile nature of hanji as a surface necessitates innovative application, and through this the ‘one-stroke’ brush technique – now characteristic of DPRK artists – has developed and evolved. Whilst the overall characteristics of the painting itself are important, mastery and proficiency are somewhat determined by the artist’s ability to produce a variety of linear, fluid strokes, which can be both gentle and powerful.

With this exhibition, the Song Family hopes to attract a new audience for and highlight the artistic and cultural landscape of the DPRK. Through continued interest in collecting regional artworks and in the planning of future events, they aim to achieve their long-term goal of bridging the gap between Europe and the DPRK.

Exhibition Open

Sun 12th Feb - 12pm till 9pm

Mon 13th - Sat 18th Feb - 10am till 9pm

Private View Thurs 16th Feb - 7pm till 9pm. Please RSVP to and

For any further enquiries or private appointments, please contact:

Teresa Song (+44 77258 45052)

Rosa Song (+44 79624 22567)

Paul Song (+44 78180 34753)


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