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From Bologna to London II expo by Galleria Farini

Galleria Farini is proud to present its second event in London.

Following the incredible success of our work in London this June, we will now be presenting an exhibition of selected artworks from a range of emerging Italian and international artists.

We are especially delighted to be exhibiting a masterpiece by the artist Mario Schifano, one of the most sought-after international artists, for the duration of the exhibition.

In presenting this second exhibition we continue to strengthen our gallery’s reputation in the vibrant London art scene, and thus introduce its artists to higher levels of recognition.

The opening evening will be held on September 23rd from 6pm.

Featuring artists:

Avoni Maria Grazia Battistelli Simona Bologna Monica Bulone Cinzia Castex Janine Casoni Clara Dudine Roberto Falli Francesca Gramantieri Stefano Grisolia Maria Franca Manfrin Maura Manzini Fiorella Marin Walter Müller Chiara Pigolotti Gino Prandi Mauro Prevedello Maria Carla Rebuzzi Daniela Righetti Fiorenza Romano Dario Takeda Akiko Tardito Tiziana



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