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Gabriel Alvarez: Transition

The Coningsby Gallery, London W1 will host a collection of over 20 paintings and prints by Gabriel Alvarez entitled ‘Transition’, opening on Monday 6th June, on view until 11th June 2016. Through the decades Gabriel’s paintings have reflected his desires, memories and dreams. His latest exhibition, “Transition” marks a new phase and development in his artwork, exploring deeper avenues and styles with brooding colours and subtle figures.

The colours of his native Mexico, as well as personal experiences and subconscious thoughts influence Gabriel Alvarez. During these past few years Gabriel has been on a personal and creative journey that has led him to his current expressive artwork. Styles of several painters such as Tamayo, Appel, and Kokoschka have subconsciously influenced his paintings. However, on occasions their influence is truly conscious for Gabriel and is obvious to the spectator as he playfully mixes and weaves their unique styles, to create something fresh and modern. For example “From Rothko to Basquiat” where he asks himself ‘what would happen if Jean Michel Basquiat defaced a Rothko?

Born and raised in Mexico City, Gabriel became a painter at an early age. He trained with the distinguished Mexican artist Castro Pacheco in Mexico City and went on to showcase his vibrant and emotive paintings for the first time at the Diffusion Cultural at the Autonomous University of Mexico. He subsequently moved to London to become a Plastic Surgeon where he has now lived and worked for almost 40 years. Gabriel has a busy private practice in both Hertfordshire and London and has a part time appointment in University College Hospital. Gabriel insists he is an artist and not only a doctor that paints.

Throughout Gabriel’s art career he has exhibited at many respected galleries. His first solo exhibition in London took place at Etty’s Gallery in Central London followed by others at Mary McGowan’s, Leighton House and The Santa Fe Gallery and in Toronto at Eve Gruss. “Transition” marks his third exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery.

Although Gabriel’s artwork includes elements of artists who have inspired him over the years, he has undoubtedly discovered his own unique style. He has arrived to a period of maturity in his work, which is undeniable. This maturity also reflects the recent advances in technology with Gabriel’s modern prints designed and produced on the i-pad.


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