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Nicholas Ferguson / Perspective

A point of view Or a representation We all have them… As many as there are eyes in a room And we can prove them For they shape our reality Which in turn reinforces our perspective It is said that truth is just functional information. We as humans add the meaning And as powerful creators What are we creating? And do we take responsibility for our illusions?

This exhibition explores the topic of Perspective, recognising as stated in the poem, that there are as many perspectives in any given situation as there are eyes in a room.

Each piece explores a different subject matter and within these contexts, the relationship between ego and creative genius feature prominently, the former represented by the goat, and the latter represented by the featherless rooster. Our ego references our past and serves to keep us safe, yet it can also prevent our growth and full potential (our genius), which knows no bounds.

These characters are portrayed within fantastical storylines which come to me intuitively after seeing an image, an experience or coming to a realization about our behaviour.

Take the example of Immersabilis, which looks at the concept of progress and human ingenuity – where even as sea levels are rising from climate change, we have created a vertical beach allowing us to sunbathe on cliff-sides and wish for sunnier days.

I have also included two portraits, including a self-portrait, which feature the rooster and the goat – reinforcing the theme.

Intuition is a big part of my life and my work – it’s what gave birth to this piece, speaking to the aspects I like and dislike about myself, recognising that they only form my sense of reality.

In 2022 I learnt how to tap into my intuition on call - reading mine and other people’s genius and victim states among other things. We all have both states and often it simply requires a shift in attention from victim to genius, followed by action, to move us in the direction of what we want in life.

From the first self-portrait, I now offer self-reflective portraits as commissions, combining the outputs of an intuitive reading with a painting of the subject, acting as a quick reminder to the viewer to identify where they’re at and refocus.

This process includes a 1-hour zoom session and an oil painting on canvas in a style similar to the examples shown.

Please speak to the gallery if this is of interest.

Nicholas Ferguson

“What if art is the elixir to human suffering?”

I believe imagination, expressed through the arts, has the power to transform lives and society.

My work explores this premise.

About my practice

I am of the opinion that as humans we are capable of incredible super-human feats and that through our imagination we create whatever we put our focus on. My work demonstrates this through playful and occasionally provocative illustrations of life, often poking fun at myself, society and our human idiosyncrasies. The intention is to cause the viewer to consider how they’d rather see the world.

Leaning into the views of William Blake, I call for a move away from a focus purely on rationalism, embracing dream-like states to harness our creative potential. In this sense there are thematic comparisons to the works of the surrealist masters, while using a colour composition which has been compared to Peter Doig and Edvard Munch.

My practice centres mainly around oil painting and makes use of collage and other mediums to create impact. The artworks are accompanied by poetry.


I am a British-Swiss artist and poet, born and raised in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2005 I moved to London, feeling the pull of the ‘big smoke’, and the city has been my home ever since.

Largely self-taught, I studied art until I completed secondary school. My childhood was spent reading encyclopaedias, creating and acting out comics and games and experimenting with different media.

After completing a degree in hospitality, I pursued a successful career in the beauty industry and eventually set up my own branding consultancy. During these years I continued to explore my creative interests and refining my artistic skills, knowing I wasn’t truly following my calling, and in 2019 I established @TheColourofSplash, an Instagram profile to formally display my art to the public. In 2022 I decided to focus on my artistic pursuits. I have exhibited at a number of galleries and have sold to collectors internationally, also developing commissioned work.

My exhibition at the Coningsby gallery in Fitzrovia, London, in August 2023 marks my first solo exhibition.


2021: Fruhstuck won ‘Most Uplifting piece’ at the ‘Lockdown Collective’ at the Department Store in July 2021.


2022: The Holy Art Gallery, ‘Apotheosis’, Dalston, London 2022: M.A.D.S, ‘Guardians of Dreams’, Milan, Italy 2022: Zari Gallery, Fitzrovia, London. 2021: Downstairs at the Department Store, Brixton, London. 2004: Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland.



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