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Patrick Morgan: Wanderwoman

“Art is anything you can get away with.” Marshal McLuhan

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”. Marshall McLuhan

‘Wanderwoman’ is an exhibition which discusses, disrupts and responds to today’s digital nomad - travelling without moving. The work in the show looks across the spectrum of working processes and narratives to discuss the world of the Digital Native. In today’s visual and digital landscape the world becomes smaller, but personal belongings are becoming a combination of over-excessive and expensive materialism. The Digital Nomad tries to break free of the world of capitalism to then create a world out of the limited resources, combining both an analogue and digital process to make ‘art’. Art that has a multiple function, from fashion to sculpture to product, which then can be rearranged or dissembled to become a rug, or even a wearable garment.

The work displayed analyses the female through figuration, trying to locate and understand, not only what women want, but see through their eyes, a world in which they are immersed in. Women today are starting to reject the past stereotypical job roles, and branch away to make new waves in the world. As Marshall McLuhan stated “Art is anything you can get away with”. In reaction to this women are now dropping down tools and seeking what they can get away with, and start to really flex their creative muscles. The artwork uses this methodology, within the practise, by using a combination of found objects to products purchased from hardware stores and 99p shops. Women of today are well used to being resourceful and practical, combining all skills from needle work (craftsmanship) to digital animation using photoshop gif animator (low tech animation software).

Royal Academy-trained Morgan has been working as a commercial artist for 15 years. This past year he has collaborated with Christian Dior in the draping back rooms (where the mastery really happens), designing the latest scarf range in response to Raf Simons’ first collection at Dior. Additionally, he worked with Tom Ford for Justin Timberlake’s world tour and with Cameron Diaz, designing and illustrating her latest book. Morgan has also previously worked with David Bamber at Tom Ford on specialist projects such as Ballet Russe’s ‘Firebird’, which was subsequently presented at the Olympics.

The work presented in this exhibition is a real departure from Patrick’s usual practice, a step into new unknown territory expanding his work in the field of art and design. You will still be able to enjoy his portrait work created for the Financial Times, where he lunches with the likes of Grace Coddington to Peter Merino, or his previous work with Mariella Fostrup for the Observer, lunching with Stella Mccartney OBE/Jo Brand/ Simon Schama CBE and Ruth Rogers. Patrick has also received portrait commissions from Franca Sozzani, Muccia Prada, Grace Coddington, Tom Dixon, David Bowie and many more celebrity icons, and most recently with Christophe Waltz for the James Bond film ‘Spectre’.

29 February - 12 March 2016

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