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Personal and Essential Oils…The works of Thomas Modschiedler

Born in Germany in 1955, Thomas Modschiedler started his painting career aged 15, using a figurative style through watercolours and oils. His art teachers at the Albert Einstein High School in Munich were the first to spot his talent and encourage him to develop his skills further.

At the end of the 1970s, Thomas Modschiedler moved to France to pursue his medical studies, first in Marseille then in Bordeaux. Inspired by the magnificent scenery from the Provence and Aquitaine regions, he mainly devoted himself to watercolours.

Settling in Nice in 1992 to open his private practice as a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Thomas Modschiedler was finally able to combine his talents for Arts and Beauty. In the mid-1990s, his style resolutely moved towards abstract art in order to convey his emotions.

A keen believer in phytotherapy and aromatherapy through his medical practice, Thomas Modschiedler developed a new form of ‘olfactory painting’ to express the emotions felt through the aromas of essential oils. His work is based on his personal feelings and emotions to which the viewer can relate and find his or her own inspiration and interpretation.

Thomas Modschiedler made his exhibition debut at the L’Entrepôt Art Gallery in Monaco in May 2011. His next exhibition will be held at the Coningsby Gallery in London from 18 to 24 March 2012, and will showcase his work from the past two years, including some olfactory paintings and other abstract pieces. He will then exhibit in Nice on the first two weeks of June 2012.

Dr Thomas Modschiedler on his painting: “Painting is an escape, a liberation, a letting-go of the constraints of a world full of conventions, rules and restrictions. Figurative expression for me is rigid, a kind of prison that limits the expansion of the painter’s mind but also the beholder’s freedom of interpretation. The painter, like the viewer, looks through filters that reflect the cultural achievements of individual experience, but also the constraints and rules of society.

“To outreach this level, it implies a spirit of spontaneity, a limitless trust in a creative intuition. The spirit is free, unlimited, it draws from an immaterial universe where everything becomes energy and vibe. The painting becomes a transmitter which brings the undefined into a visible and materialized world. It will generate within us an emotion well beyond our conscience.”



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Personal and Essential Oils…The works of Thomas Modschiedler

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