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Stellar Nursery / Sonya Yufei Zhang and Zhaobo Yang

Opening Hours: 20th May, 1pm - 6pm 21st May, 10am - 12pm then 3pm - 7pm

Stellar Nursery is a new exhibition of recent works from Sonya and Zhaobo. It is a journey of exploration into the cosmos by the artists, yearning and conjecturing about the unknown and physically inaccessible areas in a poetic and lively way.

Each painting presents a different imagination around the workings of time, space, and matter; surreal scenes and characters appear in a dreamlike form. The works analyse what we see or think about the universe reveals much of human psychology and the position of the human community in a grand picture, implying a metaphor of a grander living system. This exhibition also asks: Can the overlapping of different dimensions and the infinity of time and space reflect the infinite nature of human beings’ own existence.

Human beings have long dreamed of roaming to the edge of the universe. In these works, both time and space seem to extend to distant horizons like an immersive adventure, suggesting an escape from the mundane. The unknown is not out of reach but can be found inherently.

Sonya Yufei Zhang

Yufei Sonya Zhang (b. 1992) works in painting and installation present a nebulous, poetic, surreal and sometimes futuristic narrative. She is interested in and motivated to create playful and challenging works that incorporate a range of unusual techniques.

Inspired by the Fermi Paradox, she explores another version of time and space and attempts to hint and present other lived spaces and realities at invisible dimensions between the real, the imaginary and the phantasmal that challenges and alters the views’ perception. She seeks to investigate the aspects of the human condition in relation to notions of the subconsciousness and invisible dimensions that is absent from evidence and physically inaccessible in her personal system.

Zhaobo Yang

Zhaobo Yang (b. 1997) specializes in painting and installation, passionate about exploring the possibilities of digital painting and interactive art, which are significant art forms in contemporary art and society.

He wants to break up the elements in the universe, piecing and combining fragmented components to demonstrate a new perception of an environment that challenges the natural observing habit of the audience and prompts the audience to think. In his works, the original cognition of the physical world does not play a role here; a new connection between the audience and the physical environment is rebuilt. He intends to create a kind of language, remodelling the human memory of the physical world artificially, allowing the audience to participate in the real and the virtual world of the universe at the same time.




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