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The Natural / Kiribaku Art

Kiribaku Art presents a curated collection of twelve remarkable artists.

Following a successful private event that saw Kiribaku Art partnered with the prestigious FIN and Forbes Award Night and the iconic Mandela Legacy Celebration - the art organisation is delighted to present again the highly anticipated exhibition “The Natural,”.

It showcases the captivating and ingenious works of renowned contemporary artists - Alex Idoko, Aluu Prosper, Ebuka Agudiegwu, Imhonigie Imoesi, Ley Mboramwe, Loyiso Mkize, Mpho Feni, Oliver Enwonwu, Osaru Obaseki, Wahab Aromire, Wallace Ejoh, and Yasser Claud-Ennin. This curated selection of artworks promises to provide visitors with a transcendent visual experience that surpasses borders.

From intricate sculptures to vibrant paintings, this concise exhibition showcases a diverse selection of art forms emphasising brevity and impact. This engaging display juxtaposes the striking realism of artists’ portrayals of people with the seamless integration of natural mediums like sand, wood, and fire. A journey into the depths of creativity is encouraged by “The Natural” as viewers explore the interplay between colour, texture, and form.

These talented artists’ meticulous attention to detail results in mesmerising portrayals that transcend the confines of the canvas. The exhibition also draws intriguing parallels between art and the natural world, showcasing the interplay between nature, creativity, and industrial advancements. Each piece incorporates natural textures, colours, and forms, balancing artistic vision and nature’s inherent qualities.

Presented in an intimate setting, the carefully curated artworks communicate their message with remarkable clarity through their concise selection. Visitors can expect to be transported into an aesthetic realm that evokes deep emotions, stimulates curiosity, and challenges preconceived notions. This immersive experience promises to inspire and engage art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Experience the transformative power of art at ‘The Natural’ event from 14th to 18th August 2023, hosted at The Coningsby Gallery, London.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact: Nicole Njoku @kiribakuart_ 07539711147



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